Read my mind

Hye fellow peers! 

Today I've started thinking about something. Something I had thought one time ago. Something that did not run away and disappear from my mind until now .We often hear people say, “we only able to plan, but, died, death, and matchmaking is on the hands of the Gods". Right? Regardless of how the plan is managed properly, it still not be if determined by Gods, the destruction thereof. I always think, what will happen if there is no tomorrow for me any longer? What would happen to me? to the person I loved? and what happened to the people around me? will they miss me? or do they (the very o-some haters) feel good when they do heard about my death? Do they?

Remember, not everyone has that perfection. And I started to learn gradually to become a better person today than yesterday. People also constantly say that, do not judge a book by its coverbecause the outer will not guarantee you the right thing. I mean, if the outer one looks bad, it does not mean that it’s also bad internally. You should changed your perception and try get to know the heart and sole of a person before appraisal them. For me, this is the best. And as long as I can still breathing, able to speak and still be able to see, I will continue to give thanks to ALLAH for gave me a very loving and understanding family. And they always be beside me when I was in a state of joy and sorrow. Thank you mama (although always make mama mad, sorry ma, I love you, :p), abah (I love you too, =) ) and all. And I am sure, everyone does feel exactly what I feel too. 

I also grateful for been given an opportunity to recognize someone () who always understood , constantly inspiring when I feel down and being the arms of guardian angel to me. For me, he was perfect, just perfect in my eyes. Thank ya ALLAH, because you have bestowed a variety of types and colours of the rainbow into my life before, and please do not take the rainbow back on this time. Do not take the rainbow that you gave me to replace the rainbow which had sends down rain inside my heart before this. Please allow this rainbow to stay and coloured up my life. I am also grateful to have friends who are very concerned, and constantly offered their shoulders when I need it the mostThank ya ALLAH, because still bestowed a great people to me so =)

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