Armed with an attitude

Ilebiyuuu ()

Its not because I like to love , but its because I breath to love and living for love. But living to love usually means expecting love in return as benefit  and I think that's fair in its entirety.So, that’s the reason why I love .hehehe

With my mind adrift, I think of the best moving far and wide just like a scout which is digging just to find what’s in my might. Then I decorate the love to make it a bit smooth,with a rhyme I love in my head,poison the love on my lips then pass them out with my mouth.

What’s the best, I cherish like a dove. I never to let go but keep in my heart and use it to fly with the best lover with the heart  =) Then I do the best for me to stand with someone I can call a lover and together we then fight to the better end. When my head is filled with love,I wont think of the outcome because I know the best will always come.

You may not be perfect, but you are perfect for me, (xoxo,  )

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