At last, berakhirnya sebuah penantian. ceewah. :D today, on 4th Nov, the exam result will be officially announce on 9.00a.m. Wallaahh. Well, frankly to speak, i'm a little bit wobble at this moment because i'm totally not ready yet to face the fact. oh demm. 

hurmm, as a normal student, i do play alot, skip some classes maybe? *terover sleep* and etc. soo, umm yeahh i know, i should not take this as an excuses. okok. finee. it was my mistake. okk? soo i dont want to expect more because, sometimes, high expectation will bring to a ummm dissapointment.so i think i have to wait, just wait till morning. instead of having less expectation, i still hoping that my results will maintain like before or better than that. Amin ;) so nighttt  ( ˆ⌣ˆ)ノ  

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